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TIFF Continued

September 25, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Travel

The place where everyone ends up late at night is the rooftop bar at the Park Hyatt. When I went for the Summit party there, the security was crazy. You had to first check in downstairs, then ride an...[More]

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Even More TIFF

September 24, 2008
Part of: Food , Hollywood , Music , Slice of Life , Television , Travel

[Breakfast: buttered toast with strawberry and apricot jam] Damn. I finally got sick and it wasn’t even from the obnoxious family who were coughing and not managing their small children on our plane ride back from Toronto. I got a...[More]

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I See Supermodels

September 19, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Friday Eye Candy , Gossip , LA

[Breakfast: a spinach, ham and cheese omelet from The Little Next Door. Cafe au lait.] OMG, I totally love Linda Evangelista. She was one of the original supermodels before every model started using the moniker. I was shopping at one...[More]

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The Rachel Zoe Show

September 18, 2008
Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Nicole Richie , Television

[Breakfast: cinnamon toast and white tea] Are any of you guys watching Rachel Zoe’s reality show "Rachel Zoe Project"? I’ve watched the preview and one episode. So far it’s amusing because of the second assistant, Brad. A green assistant in...[More]

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Management After Party Toronto

September 17, 2008
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Travel

[Breakfast: Fage yogurt with some ginger granola] The thing that sucked about Toronto this year was the weather. I had to buy a winter sweater and a pair of jeans since it was mostly in the low to mid-60s. Last...[More]

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More Toronto 2008

September 15, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Music , Nicole Richie , Paris Hilton , Politics , Sparkly , Television , Travel

Breakfast: TBA The Windsor Arms Hotel was transformed with crystals and magenta orchids into a chic Hollywood soiree for the In Style/Hollywood Foreign Press Association party. I had been at the hotel earlier in the week for an after party...[More]

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Toronto: Gossip for Breakfast

September 11, 2008
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Travel , Trick Or Treat

[Breakfast: apple coffee cake and a small skinny latte] Well. I've been taking notes. I've been too busy watching movies, going to drinks, dinners and parties to write, so here's your first bite . I went to the In Style...[More]

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