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Random Thoughts from Fashion Victim Rachael

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1. I was in Nordstroms the other day and couldn’t help wondering,
when did 7 and 9 become sizes to choose from?

2. How come Europeans smoke at the gas station? Are they really nuts or
are we needlessly paranoid?

3. WTF is up with Paris and whatever Travis’ ex is called? Do we care?

4. Why do French pastries usually look WAY better than they taste?

5. Will they ever freaking tell us what the HELL is going on on Lost?

6. IS Nicole wasting away? Is that possible? And if so, how can we
speed that up?

7. Who said wearing white (non athletic ) shoes is okay? WHO? Stop it
people! It's NOT okay!

8. Did you see the worlds smallest horse on Regis and Kelly? 17 inches
of equine cute. Where can I get me one???

9. Trend alert: Strategically placed electrical tape as an accessory.
You heard it here first.

10. Donald Trump smack talked Angelina Jolie onLarry King. I suddenly
have a positive opinion the man, is that wrong?

by Rachael


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